New Scholarship for Local Police Officers

Scholarships for for current and retired police officers interested in completing a BS in Criminal Justice.

Scholarships for for current and retired police officers interested in completing a BS in Criminal Justice.

Current or retired police or peace officers are eligible for a scholarship at Globe Education Network schools that reduces each credit by 40%. This is a great enhancement to the community because current officers can continue their education by completing a bachelor’s degree program, where he or she may have completed an associates or diploma in the past. According to the Program Chair and Bangor, Wisconsin Police Chief, Scott Alo said, “The Police Officer Scholarship Program at Globe University – La Crosse campus offers a unique opportunity for police officers currently working in the law enforcement field. It offers a potential of maximum prior learning credit for your police academy training and work experience, reduced tuition, and discounted quarterly book fees.”

A great asset to the Criminal Justice program at Globe-La Crosse is our resident police chiefs. Two local police chiefs serve part-time as a faculty member and program chair on campus. Both bring a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and many years of experience to the program. Young professionals could benefit from the experience these officers bring to the classroom. Taking classes with future professionals in the field gives these men and women a different kind of educational experience. Less experienced students might ask these scholarship applicants about the real-life application that they have experienced with the theory that they are learning.

If you have any additional questions regarding this scholarship please see page 24 of the August 2012 Globe University/ Minnesota School of Business Catalog, Volume 35 or contact a campus to learn more about the opportunity.

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