Today we celebrate Law Day 2012

Today across America, we are celebrating Law Day. Law Day was first established in 1958 by President Dwight Eisenhower. This day each year marks the nation’s commitment to the rule of law. Congress designated May 1st as the official Law Day in 1961. Since then, presidents have issued a Law Day proclamation on May 1st.

This year’s theme is “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom.” Mark David Agrast, National Law Day Chair, said the theme “has been chosen to highlight the importance of our courts and the serious funding shortages that are endangering their ability to provide access to justice for all our people.”

Law Day is a time to reflect on issues on that affect our families and communities. Our campuses are busy with events this week or later in May. Paralegal students and Paralegal Program Chairs have planned essay contests, guest speakers, and trivia contests.

Check to see for Law Day events in your area.

Law Day events

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Margaret Neubauer, M.S. is the Network Dean of Paralegal for Globe University/Minnesota School of Business/Broadview University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies and a Master of Science degree in Legal Studies: Law and Public Policy. She has been a paralegal, an instructor, Legal Program Coordinator and Dean of Faculty.
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